Final Project: A Website About Natural Hair Project Goals Create a multi paged site on the topic of our choice Use every method we have learned throughout the whole semester I feel very proud of how my website came out, I worked really hard to make sure I incorporated every type of code we have learned and maintained a consistent inclusive … More Final Project: A Website About Natural Hair

Research Presentation: #Trashtag Project Goals: Research the project you were assigned from the 2016 IXDA Awards Create a single webpage to assist a 5 minute presentation about the project For this project, we had to do some research on the video/project we were assigned in class and create a single webpage about it. We pretty much have to use … More Research Presentation: #Trashtag

Project 9: Final Outcome Project Goals: refine website design from projects 7 and 8 utilize header, article, nav, and footer tags implement sprite animated button method/rollover states The information we learned was incorporated into this website design first of all because I made the decision to completely ignore doing color boxes and work with the 960 grid. I had … More Project 9: Final Outcome