Final Project: A Website About Natural Hair

Project Goals

  • Create a multi paged site on the topic of our choice
  • Use every method we have learned throughout the whole semester

I feel very proud of how my website came out, I worked really hard to make sure I incorporated every type of code we have learned and maintained a consistent inclusive design throughout all my pages. It was fun to use a theme that I know about, it definitely made it more inspiring to work on. I finally felt confident in being able to place things exactly how I planned them out in my wireframes. I also felt better about links, tables and hovers ( which I have struggled with in the past). I would  say I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my project and that it was successful. The only thing I would change is change the position and size of my email forum in my footer. I tried to figure out how to make the text and box be next to each out instead of under but  it wasn’t very successful.

Overall, this class taught me a lot and I’m so glad to have the skill and freedom of being able to code whatever I want! It was definitely something I was interested in knowing how to do and wanted to learn more from what I have learned in high school. I think it will help benefit me in a lot of the work I will do in the future or as a job since I am graduating in less than two weeks, and hopefully help make me a well-rounded artist.


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