Project 10.3: Final

Project Goals:

  • Use content outline and wireframe outline to help create your website
  • Use Photoshop to help with visual design of your website
  • Add the final pieces to your website such as photos, text, etc.

For the final part of Project 10, we now have to bring our website to life by adding photos, font, text and whatever else we want to add. We had to take screenshots of our wireframes and us Photoshop to help bring our ideas to life. Also help us see what it will look like once we put everything together. The process took a while for me because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change anything on my wireframe but I end up changing my background, body background, text color and took two photos off  my portfolio page.

Overall, I had a good time creating my own website! I was pretty excited to be able to do my own site the way I want it done. I think it’s pretty cool to see the vision I had in my head about how I wanted my very own website to be come to life. The only thing I would do different is try to figure out how to make my social media icons a little bigger but other than that, I am happy with my work!


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