Research Presentation: #Trashtag

Project Goals:

  • Research the project you were assigned from the 2016 IXDA Awards
  • Create a single webpage to assist a 5 minute presentation about the project

For this project, we had to do some research on the video/project we were assigned in class and create a single webpage about it. We pretty much have to use everything we learned so far in class such as <div>, CSS stylesheet, Google fonts, <header, etc. and create it in our own style but still following instructions.

I had a pretty good time researching and learning about what is #Trashtag and how it was created. It was very interesting to see something so old and rusty to be transformed into something beautiful. Also it was pretty cool to see how social media can literally bring people together as one! Overall, my webpage seems to be simple, organized and very clean to understand what #Trashtag is all about.



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