Project 9: Final Outcome

Project Goals:

  • refine website design from projects 7 and 8
  • utilize header, article, nav, and footer tags
  • implement sprite animated button method/rollover states

The information we learned was incorporated into this website design first of all because I made the decision to completely ignore doing color boxes and work with the 960 grid. I had a lot less trouble with my website in the second iteration. I also used all of the html5 tags to replace my elements such as <div id=”nav”> etc., which helped just eliminate clutter and be able to target the elements as a whole in the CSS file easier. I also added the buttons to my navigation to replace the regular text links.

This project was successful but also a disaster mostly because I struggled with getting my buttons to layer over each other. Also I struggled with trying to have my buttons in my navigation bar near the logo which was very frustrating so I decided to make it be under my header. Overall, my page looks extremely better than project 7 and I am happy about that except for my buttons no layering under each other properly.


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