Project 8: Grid Layout

Project Goals:

  • Use your wireframe webpage and add 960 grid layout
  • Use variety of colors and typography
  • Use a table and contact
  • Use divs, margins, grid, etc.

This project started off very challenging for me because I could not figure out how the 960 grid works. I wasn’t sure if we were suppose to mess with the code from 960 but we weren’t. After figuring out how the grid layout works, I felt more relaxed and confident with myself so I completely changed my layout from the wireframw page. I did not like it as much and I felt it wasn’t really complete. I did kept the same content and colors for the my grid layout but just changed the text and table. One thing I was having serious trouble with was <div class=”clear”>, I tried putting that in my HTML code numerous time but it would mess with my page so I took it out and use margins instead to seperate the grids from touching each other.

Overall, I learned a lot about using the 960 grid and how much stress/frustration it takes to get what you want but its exciting to see the outcome in the end. Also I like that the 960 code for CSS is already done for you so that helped and saved a lot of time for me.


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