Project 6: The Onion

The Original Webpage:

My Version:


Project Goals

  • use what we have learned so far in CSS and HTML to recreate a webpage that was already on the internet
  • make our version look as similar to it as possible.

For our sixth project we were tasked with recreating a webpage from The Onion. I decided to do recreate the social media page about parenting skills because it was quite funny and interesting to see.

I had a okay time trying to recreate the page and try the original font out and I am surprised that it actually worked but I had to go in and tweak it a little. Also I looked through the actual websites code to get an idea on the page. I really had difficulty trying to figure out how to add the adds and make sure it float right but it ends up being under the actually article so I decided to take it out and will try to figure it out on my own time.


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