Project 4: Videos

Natural Hair

Project Goals:

  • Create a gallery page with multiple videos that fits the theme of your site
  • Use a variety of boxes, spacing between boxes, paragraph within boxes
  • Learn how CSS works

I decided to do my webpage based on Natural Hair in the African-American community so I gather different videos that relate in a way by talking about their experience with it. I would say this was very challenging for me because I could not figured out how to position every other video on the left or right so I just decided to do it all centered. Also I was a little confused how CSS works by having the margins, padding and width but I managed to figure it out. The text from the videos are in a box with a white background and I decided to add a font to the text to make it seem different. Also I made some of the words within the text bold because I feel as though they standout.

I would say my page is pretty much simple which is what I was going for so I am happy with my results but the only thing I would change is maybe add some sort of image(s) of curly hair on the side of the title in the header but other than that I like the way my page turned out.



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