Project 3: Locations

Caribbean Islands

Project Goals:

  • Create a home page with a table that fits the theme of your site
  • Include a form on the home page that fits theme
  • Include <iframe> tag to put a google map on the web pages
  • Use <div>
  • Use <meta>

My website is themed around some Caribbean Islands I want to visit, so the table I used lists the Caribbean islands on my site, their population and their national bird for their islands. The form I used is a checkbox that the user would choose one or more of the Caribbean islands they would like to go to visit in their future. Each of the pages for the islands includes the <iframe> tag that shows a map of the location of the island. I used <div> tag to organize most of the info on my site, mostly using it as a container to control the width and margins and other style elements of each section of my pages. I included the <meta> tag in the <head> of each page to write a short description of what was included in the page.

I had some problems while creating this page because I wanted my background to have some sort of color. I spent hours trying to figure out how to set a background image to my website and how to keep it repeated throughout on each page. I finally figured the code out on how to do it after taking a break and coming back with fresh eyes. I was a little confused on how to use <div> and <meta> but I think I used them correctly.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job on creating a website about islands that I want to visit. I chose what I wanted to add to my page and how I wanted everything layout. This project was very challenging but I succeed!


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