Project 1: The Senses

Five Senses website

Project Goals

  • to create a webpage about the five senses
  • successfully link all subpages on site to each other
  • links open in a new page/tab

For our first project we were assigned readings from Carl Sherman about the five senses. Our job was to use the information given to us and reform it into html codes to create a website. I was able to use some readings and my basic knowledge of html to reformat and create a decent website about the five senses. I used all the tools I know and learned at this point to create it such as bold, line breaking, headings, links, superscript and, etc.

Overall, I think I did a good job on my first project on creating a real website by using my basic knowledge and learning new techniques from some readings. It feels good to know that I can create a website in no time since I now know how to do the basic html codes. If I had the chance to do this project over I would change the alignment of the text, add some different fonts, images and even some color to the website’s background to make it stand out more and show my type of style.


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